Job Seekers

Our mission is to equip job seekers with all of the necessary resources, including information, contacts, coaching, and best practices to ensure they’re presenting the best version of themselves and leaving excellent impressions on potential employers.


Here are the services we provide:

  • Distribute your CV to suitable companies based on your field, experience, skillset,
    qualifications and desired roles
  • Brief you on job openings and company requirements
  • Keep you updated during the hiring process
  • Provide interview coaching
  • Make suggestions for CV improvement
  • Coordinate with you and the company to find suitable dates and times for interviews
    and other arrangements.

CV Coaching

We leverage our deep insight into the way that employers scan through CV’s to provide you with tips on how you can catch their eyes (by “their” we mean bots) and land interviews.


In today’s technology driven-age, companies are using software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that quickly scans through hundreds of CV’s to find relevant keywords and mark those documents as qualified. We can assist you in writing a CV that meets the balance between including those keywords but not so much that it hurts your CV’s readability.

Win Over the Human

Modern-day employers take an average of 7 seconds to scan through CV’s. We help you get to the point quickly and show employers your most important selling points, including work history, achievements, formatting, and skills needed for the job.

We ensure your formatting design is enticing, modern, and clean, so that it becomes easy for the employer to find the information he/she is looking for and consider you as a strong candidate for the job.

Interview Coaching

Did you know that many people who are great interviewers won jobs over those who were more qualified or skilled? This is the power of leaving an outstanding impression during an interview.

We prepare you to present yourself as a highly capable candidate that meets a company’s requirements and delivers a compelling case for your suitability.

Here’s What We Train You On :

  • Body language
  • Eye contact and tonality
  • Pacing, length and structure of answers to the toughest of questions
  • Emphasis of the right skills, experience, qualifications, and personal characteristics in
    alignment with your targeted job and company

We place you in simulated interview scenarios so that you feel confident and prepared on the day.

Please note that training is only done online at the moment. We will keep you updated on in-person training developments.


We understand that the information you provide us is highly sensitive and we treat it with the utmost confidentiality.

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One simple phone call or email is the start to finding your next star candidate or kick-starting your dream career. Our professional, friendly and knowledgeable team will ensure you are heard and your needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

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